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Cheap Mass Attributes changer:


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Here we go again! It’s September, and I am looking to install Prestashop. I hear that they are offering a multishop feature as of their next major release (1.5). Since I am interested in operating a series of interdependent web retain businesses, each with cross selling across web domains, I am investing in Prestashop. It is Open Source, the community seems pretty encouraging, and PS seems like a good candidate for me to roll up my sleeves and tinker.

So I am installing two instances of Presta, since I hope to launch a store sometime in late October and be able to innovate and tinker with PS while the store is live.  So far, the installations went without a hitch. I followed the instructions, no problems. I have enabled the following modules in the back end:


First problem – how to get a CSV file of the entire catalog out of the database, so that I can make batch changes (price, style, etc.) There are three approaches:

1) a paid module

2) a free, possibly buggy module

3) try to massage the data out of SQL, bit by bit.


I’ll start with option 2, and if that fails, go to option 3. Next post: how to fully export the catalog from Prestashop for free.

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