So I am on the fence whether I should use the existing sample products catalog that is already in Magento, or whether I should create another catalog, more or less of the style of the real one I am still creating (I am aiming for a tshirt shop with multiple slogans, shirt styles, colors, and sizes).

One of the main pieces of functionality I want is a color changer – I want people to be able to pick an option (red) and see a picture of a red shirt appear in the product page. Should I get started on implementing that first, using the sample data? Or should I spend the time to configure the catalog manually, being that my goal is to create a much bigger catalog by importing a CSV file later, essentially overwriting anything I create by hand?

I think I’ll create the catalog manually, if nothing else, it will help to create the CSV template that I will need to mimic in order to get the catalog imported properly.

Here goes…

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