I don’t know enough about exactly what market Magento is trying to satisfy. Given their hosting plans (ie the way they actually make money, as the Community Edition is free) start at over $10,000 per year, I don’t think Magento really cares about individuals (ie small businesses).

Because their software seems well designed (thanks to Christian fundamentalists, I can no longer type the phrase “intelligent design” or its derivatives without gagging), I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the many FUCKED UP problems Magento has in terms of populating the database with catalog information are intentional, designed to shepherd those with the resources and on the fence between going solo vs a hosted plan, to quickly opt for the latter.

Three days into this Magento install, I am starting to think that this is a losing battle. Why else would a company design a product that gives you an option to duplicate a product in the catalog, in theory saving you time if the products share any similarities, only to have you manually update the inventory counts and in stock/out of stock fields? That’s just one example. I’m sure the Enterprise edition magically does not have these shortcomings.

Maybe it’s easier to do this via a CSV file. But so far, I am leaning to the verdict of leaving ZenCart or opting for another ecommerce app. Magento has already started to irritate me profoundly. Their whole approach to creating a complex product is insane! Why make the user create every single individual variant of a configurable product?! If I have a shirt on 5 colors, available on 4 sizes, that’s 20 individual entries, each of which needs to have the abovementioned characteristics messed with.

Instead, allow us to create a configurable product directly, specifying the attributes, and have the system populate the skus for the individual products automatically. I suspect this OBVIOUS design is available for $10,000/year, fuck the idiots who assumed they could get a decent piece of software for free if they put in the time to learn it. If this shit keeps up, I’m ditching Magento.

I understand Varien needs to make money, but then how about an unsupported version that you buy a license for? Like a 12 month subscription at $20 per month, or unlock features progressively. But why cut out the long tail? Why alienate the real small businesses that are just getting started and want to grow? LAME.

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