OK, so after a month long hiatus (I work freelance, so I take gigs as they come) I’m back on Magento. So let’s see if I can’t get further along over the next few days. The goal for now is to populate the catalog with some new categories and products, and then export these via CSV file in order to be able to make updating the catalog easier.

More soon.

Heh. So, many hours later, what progress have I made? Well, I have progressed towards the opinion that Magento should do a better job marketing itself as a robust ecommerce application for businesses with web development budgets and/or developers. My initial opinion stands – Magento IS NOT for mom and pop web “tinkerer”. If you thought that figuring out how to install Magento would be the hardest part, look elsewhere.

Tomorrow I will document the IDIOCY that are the steps required to get a simple product to show up on the home page (a feat that I have not yet accomplished, BTW! But I did manage to get a category to show up, by accident.)

At any rate, before I forget, here is the link to a video that helped me get closer (I think). Hats off to Steve Warshaw:  http://vimeo.com/1070986?pg=embed&sec=1070986&hd=1

I’m currently leaning towards investigating other alternatives, maybe coming back to Magento one day when the information organization problem with this software has been resolved. So far, a complete waste of time.

*edit*:::  OK, I’ve calmed down. Magento doesn’t suck so much as it’s complex and like any large, complex piece of software, it will take a while until I get the hang of configuring it. I’m sure there is a reason for every seemingly IDIOTIC required step to make simple things happen, and this will only become apparent to me later in the process. May some higher power grant me the serenity to get to the point where I reap the benefit of sticking with this apparently robust application. Apologies to Magento developers who may have found this site. I don’t hate you, you’re not sadists, etc. Just venting. Hopefully I’ll get far enough along to fall in love with this thing and make it work for me. That higher power knows, I’m trying. :-|

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