Magento, RIP

Below you will find an earlier, more patient and naive version of myself, still believing that Magento was compatible with my IQ and programming abilities. Sometimes, disappointments are a good thing in the long run. I’m now comparing Open Cart and PrestaShop. I am forever done with Magento.



As stated elsewhere on this blog, I’ll be chronicling my battle with customizing and configuring Magento, beginning in June 2010 and shooting for something semi-functional by mid-late July. This is where I keep track of the questions that arise. Since I am not a developer, I am not in a position to answer most questions. I can only hope that this documentation helps other newbies out there, what I’ve found thus far about Magento’s documentation that makes any sense to non-programmers is pretty sparse.

This blog is organized into two main Magento-related categories – “chronicle” and “ongoing questions”. Chronicle is where I will put the changes I have actually made and more or less succeeded. Ongoing is sort of the nuts and bolts – questions I have, sort of notes to self, and problems that arise. Once I resolve these, I’ll tuck any content of value into “Chronicle”.

I tend to get frustrated when something doesn’t make sense to me, so I’ll apologize in advance if I sound like an ovulating teenager sometime in my writing. At the outset, I can say that Magento is a powerful piece of software, which will take patience and time to understand. I am fortunate in that the only time pressure I am under is largely self-imposed, which is a better environment to tinker in than if I needed to setup a shop immediately in order to pay rent.

I envision most of my questions getting asked (and hopefully answered) at the Magento community forums, where I will import into this blog the responses that help me out the most, so that everything that actually leads to a solution winds up in one place. I guess the only difference between this blog and the knowledge on the forums is that since I don’t get most of this stuff, I’ll have to cut into bitesized spoon-feedable blobs of how to accomplish a given task.

If the words collected here help someone else out on Magento, fantastic. For right now, this is here to keep me from shaving my eyebrows off and tatooing the words “FUCK COMPUTERS” on my forehead, as I navigate this minefield.



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