My name is Felipe Ribeiro. I am a beginning coder, and have been one for about six years now :-)

I’ve made a few failed attempts in the past to absorb the logic of programming, usually because of a specific project, under time pressure of some sort. This time, I decided to make a consistent effort to document my progress, without the time pressure, and see if I can’t get to the point where the reward outweighs the frustration. I guess I have a short attention span and even shorter patience, and being easily frustrated is not a quality that lends itself to learning how to program. So, I am going to relax and tinker. Baby steps.

I am tinkering with two e-commerce applications – OpenCart and PrestaShop. Furthermore, I am intrigued by an open source application called FormTools, which allows you to create and host your own forms online, retaining the data and with full control over customizing the look of the page (both things that Google Forms, for instance, doesn’t currently allow). This blog is powered by WordPress, so all of this combined means I must be learning PHP!

I’m also interested in learning Ruby, Javascript, and CSS. Basically, I want to speak web. So this space is where I get started and document my ongoing questions. I hope that what I produce is helpful, and especially in the beginning, I will probably be unable to answer any questions authoritatively. Maybe that’ll change over time.

I attended NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program from 2006-2008, so I have a few projects I tinkered with back then hosted here somewhere. Someday I’ll gather them together with whatever documentation I have left over and do a better job of an overview. Maybe.

I’m interested in the equation “internet + politics = ?” and more or less, this interest is what motivates my desire to learn how to code. Thanks for stopping by.


June, 2011


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